Boat transportation services

Boat Delivery Services

We have interchangeable tractors and trailers in order to fit your boat delivery needs. For more information on hauling your boat your yacht with Lockview Marina, please click here for a delivery quote. Click on photos for larger image.

Boat Delivery Services
Yacht Delivery Services
2000 Volvo Tractor
1992 Mack Tractor
Transport Your Boat or Yacht with Lockview Marina

Dodge Ram 350: 
Used most often with the 35' Hydraulic Trailer for local hauling.

1999 Volvo Tractor
53' Low Boy Wide Body Trailer:
This belly trailer is designed to keep boats as low as possible and accommodate a wing keeled sailboat that is 48" wide. Can also handle multiple boats or single boats up to 60'.
53' Low Boy Boat Hauling Trailer: 
Can haul multiple boats or very large boats up to 59'
45' Hydraulic Trailer: 
45' hydraulic trailer is designed for the self loading and unloading of your power or sailboat up to 45'

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Lockview transports boats throughout the U.S.A., but mainly along the Eastern Seaboard and as far west as Texas. more
59' Tour Boat
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday: 8 am-8 pm.
We are open year-round for boat transport.